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Mythological legends have always been a huge inspiration to mobile slots games and it is not hard to see why. These legends have enthralling stories that hook players and this is exactly what mobile slots games are looking to do with their players!

When you log on to a mobile slots lobby you will notice that there are hundreds of mobile slots games to choose from that are based on many legendary characters, in fact, there are so many that it can be quite hard to choose one to play. There are two slot games that we really love based on UK legends and if you want to know what these mobile slots are read on!

The Legend of Robin Hood Mobile Slots Game

Robin Hood Prince of Tweets is a fantastic mobile slots game that is, of course, based on the legend on the thief Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the needy! However, with this mobile slots game you will be winning from the casino and treating yourself with those big cash wins. Robin Hood led a group of outlaws in the forests of Nottinghamshire but as you spin the reels of this mobile slots game you will be the bird leading a flock of outlaw birds! This means you can expect lots of fun and quirky graphics from this mobile slots game.
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This mobile slots game features 5 reels, 40 paylines and you don’t need to be a rich outlaw to get started spinning its reels as you can play from just 20p per spin all the way up to a maximum of £50 per spin! There are also lots of cool bonus features within this mobile slots game and some that you will want to look out for are the Arrow Feature which can transform all of your mobile slots symbols wild and the free spins feature which could bag you up to 25 free spins!

Avalon Mobile Slots Game

If you are from the UK then you will have heard of the legendary King Arthur. This character is the main staple of the mobile slots game Avalon which contains 5 reels, 20 paylines and you can get started spinning its reels from as little as 40p per spin all the way up to a whopping £200 per spin.

If you are unfamiliar with King Arthur and why he has influenced this mobile slots game, then it is because the legend tells that King Arthurs was wounded in a major battle and he then had to swim to reach Avalon. It was in Avalon, which this mobile slots game title is based on, that he received the legendary sword of Excalibur! While you won’t find any legendary sword in this mobile slots game, you are bound to instead find some major big cash wins instead which we are not complaining about! Get spinning its reels today to see if you can win the battle and grab the top £105,000 jackpot prize.

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We love both of these mobile slots games and think that you will too. They are both great fun to play and contain lots of exciting bonus features that will keep you spinning their reels for hours on end. If you are on the hunt for a new game to play, we highly recommend checking these out as not only can you expect high-quality graphics and an amazing theme, you can also expect to pocket a lot of cash as you spin their reels. Check out Avalon or Robin Hood Prince of Tweets at your favourite mobile slots casino today!

What You’re Doing Wrong Playing Mobile Slots

Mobile slots games are great fun to play and can provide hours of entertainment for players. We would say that mobile slots are predominately played for their entertainment factor, as most high rolling players tend to opt for the bigger stake table casino games like poker and roulette. However, while mobile slots are highly entertaining it is not much fun losing all of the time. If you feel as though you are not making very many wins playing mobile slots games then maybe you should follow our tips below and correct whatever it is that you are doing wrong.
Avoid Making Mistakes Playing Mobile Slots That Will Cost You

While it may only seem like a few pennies here and few pounds there, all of those pennies and pounds really add up when you are playing mobile slots so if you can minimise those silly mistakes and avoid them in the future, your mobile slots playing could end up resulting in some pretty major wins!

There are two types of mobile slots games variances and this is simply high or low. If you are looking for mobile slots games that offer small but frequent wins then go for a low variance game. However, if you want to not win as often on mobile slots but win big then you will want to check out the high variance games. We would suggest sticking with the low variance mobile slots here as although the wins might not be as big, there are still plenty of opportunities to win cash and you also will not lose too much if you are unsuccessful. Always double check the variance of a mobile slots game before you start playing!

Another mistake that many mobile slots players make is not checking the RTP before they start wagering on a game, or worse, they may not even know what this means! The RTP is the percentage that is awarded to players as winnings and it will give you a good idea about how much you can expect to receive back as you play. Check the RTP before you start playing and make sure that it is pretty high as you want to get the biggest return on your cash as possible!

Budgeting While Playing Mobile Slots

A common mistake we find that many players also have is not knowing their bank roll. Players need to keep an eye on this as you want to be playing those mobile slots for a while and not just make a quick stop at them because you have spent all of your cash. For example, you will obviously be playing lover on mobile slots that you are playing for 50p per spin compared to playing the same slot game for £50 per spin! Not following this rule is also harmful to your budget as you do not want to go over this, however, it can be very tempting if you want to continue on your game for longer.

Mobile slots are a fantastic way to not only kill a few hours of your time but they are also absolutely fantastic for cashing in on those big wins! We would highly suggest following our advice and trying to turn all of those bad habits that you make at the casino into good habits that will help you on your quest of constantly losing at slot games to becoming a big cash winner. Many of these tips do also apply to scratch card games and table games, so there is a game to apply this advice to for every player.

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