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The Copa Del Rey is a competition which takes place annually in Spanish football. The current holders of the Copa Del Rey are Barcelona. However, this wasn’t always the case. Back in 2014, fans were delighted to have a Copa Del Rey which featured El Clasico. Many fans around the world scrambled to find an el clasico live stream copa del rey link, to avoid missing out on this epic fixture.

The History of the El Clasico

Why is the appearance of an El Clasico final in the Copa Del Rey so significant? Quite simply, it’s hard to resist a match that features such a high calibre of players. Any El Clasico fixture is tension filled. The cities which boast the teams have long had tensions of their own. Real Madrid hail from Spain’s capital and largest city. Barcelona is both Spain’s second largest city and is considered to be the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous region in Spain.

However, it was perhaps the sheer power in both squads which made an el clasico live stream copa del rey so necessary. The 2013-2014 game ended in a 2-1 win for Real Madrid. However, Lionel Messi of Barcelona took home the honour of top scorer for the competition. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi’s long-time nemesis lagged behind with three. However, Real’s Angel Di Maria managed to put away 4 goals during the competition.

Previous Form in Copa Del Rey

Getting your hands on an Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream copa del rey link wasn’t just necessary in 2017. The two teams have met many times during the competition’s history. The history of the clubs meeting in the competition goes way back to 1910. At this time Real Madrid was known as Espanol de Madrid. Barcelona emerged as victors. Since then, the two teams have met frequently. There has been 8 El Clasico game since the inception of the Copa Del Rey.

Real Madrid have come out on top in the last 2 meetings between the clubs in the competition. The most recent was a 2-1 win, as we mentioned above. In 2011, the game was extremely tight. By 90 minutes, no goals had been scored. Therefore, it moved to extra time. During the first half of extra time, a header by Cristiano Ronaldo put Real Madrid in the league. This tie was particularly brutal in terms of challenges, with the referee issuing a total of 8 yellow cards.

Watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona

El Clasico Copa Del Rey games are always the most exciting ties. However, we haven’t seen one since 2014. We’re hoping for another this year. December’s fixture will surely gear everyone up and let us remember exactly why we love these two teams. Luis Enrique and Zinedine Zidane have a tough job ahead. However, they too are at the top of their game. Many have had their jobs about Zidane as a manager. Yet, his role as assistant to Carlo Ancelotti showed huge promise. We’ll see as the season progresses whether this promise is fulfilled. We’re hoping for another cup tie this year. Just in case, we’ve already made a note to look for el clasico live stream copa del rey access. What can we say? It’s just too good to miss!

El Clasico Matches in 2017

Those who chose to watch El Clasico 2017 live stream videos, will have seen some of the best moments in football history. There have been many amazing matches throughout the years but those who watch El Clasico 2017 live stream are treated to some great moments.

How to Watch El Clasico 2017 Live Stream

These older games can be a little harder to come across online, but they’re well worth watching. When you watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream, you will see some of the best football in recent years, no matter what level of match you’re watching.

These live streams are usually stored online and you can even just watch the highlights if you want. The matches between these two teams are often fierce, so the atmosphere when you watch El Clasico 2017 live stream is palpable.

There have been hundreds of these matches over the years, but watch El Clasico 2017 live stream for some brilliant key moments. Here are our favourite picks from this year of football.

Key Moments You See When You Watch El Clasico 2017 Live Stream

One of the best matches you’ll be privy to while you watch El Clasico 2017 live stream is the Copa Del Rey final between the two teams. This is the oldest league within Spanish football and it’s usually very heavily dominated by Real Madrid and Barcelona. As the two best teams in the country, and arguably the world, to watch El Clasico 2017 live stream is electrifying.

So far, there have been seven of these finals but this was one to truly remember. The first goal was scored by Real Madrid’s Ángel Di María, when you watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona live stream of this match you see the crowd going wild. Barcelona’s Marc Bartra managed to equalise the game but Gareth Bale managed to snatch victory in the last five minutes of the match, a palpable moment when you watch El Clasico 2017 live stream.

There were also two La Liga matches in 2017 that you can watch El Clasico 2017 live stream feeds of. Each team took a victory in this year, though each match was exceptionally close with star players giving the games their all. Messi shone for Barcelona in the March match, as he scored a hat trick against an exceptionally eager team. You’ll also be able to watch El Clasico 2017 live stream Ronaldo also scored one goal in this match, something that statisticians took into account for the upcoming season.

In the second head to head that you can watch El Clasico 2017 live stream of, the win went to Real Madrid. Ronaldo, Pepe and Benzema scored for their team, each with blistering speed and accuracy. Neymar scored the only goal for Barcelona but it simply wasn’t enough to take the title.

These teams are some of the best to watch El Clasico 2017 live stream feeds of, with fierce competition taking the lead. Take a trip back to 2017 to enjoy these matches and the players within them. When you watch El Clasico 2017 live stream, you’re really enjoying some of the best football in recent years, so dive in.

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